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  Sunday, May 17th, 2009 10:44 pm

Patomas - Paperinik - Super Donald
(technical pen,marker & digital stuff — Patomas/Paperinik/Duck Avenger ™ & © Disney)

I drew thisone in 3 stages:a technical pen sketch done while I was waiting for someone that invited me to dinner.Back at home I thought about doing an all-digital image but there was a blackout.So I lit some candles and tried to read a book,but after some minutes I changed my mind and polished the sketch with a marker.And the next day,I finished it.

I case you wonder what's the deal of depicting Donald Duck with a cape a gun (really neat idea,uh?),well,the answer is that he has this cool alter ego as Patomas (a.k.a. Duck Avenger a.k.a. Paperinik).As usual,for more info,you can check the corresponding Wikipedia article.

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  Soundtrack: Dig For Fire - Pixies  

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