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You said I look like who...?

It is said that graphic artists can't help drawing one or many characters like themselves.And then,some people have been telling me that indeed some of my characters look like me —or that I look like them.


In order of rows:
Doriancito.- Many people think that he is a self-portrait of me as a child,and in fact I've been associated with his image so many times that I use him as an userpic on many social networks.But I can tell you that he was never meant to be a self-portrait.

Susan.- The female protagonist of Fatalysia.Personally I think the only similar characteristics I share with her are dark hair and sleepwalking now and then.Still a girl recently told me that she thought Susan was me if I were female ( )

Chivo.-If I were not an artist,surely I would be a guitar player,so probably I projected that part of myself on him.But besides that I don't think that he's me in comic book form as some people keep telling me.

Abril.-I created her back in college as kind of a spokesperson for my stuff (my degree is in marketing and graphic design,y'know).But many people seem to think that she's me in drag ( )

The O'Lanterns.-The same girl that said that I was like Susan also said that these living pumpkins look like me,or at least as if they were my sons ( )

Me.-No,that's not a creature from a lost horror film,that's me,just for your reference

Any opinions? Do the characters I draw look like me? Or is it me the one that looks like a cartoon?
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