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Choose A Cat,Draw A Girl

Art Meme Time!
The rules,as announced by harveyjames were these:
1) look at these cats

2) Pick one!

3) Draw it as a REAL GIRL. A human being! Do it on a white background, like the cats you see above.

I will photoshop all the entries into one image, so it'll be a truly collaborative work of art!

See larger versions of the images on my site, or click the cats wearing hats tag. Happy drawing! You have until Saturday!

I choose these ones:
harveyjames' catgirls

And here's what I drew:
Catgirl 01
(brush & digital color)

Catgirl 02
(same as above)

Catgirl 03
(technical pen & digital stuff)

UPDATE 13/May/2009 11:09 am.- The final image is up.
Tags: girls, meme

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