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Knights In Service of Satan —or something like that

(marker & digital effects)

So,yeah,in my corner of the world there's a swine flu outbreak since last week,and things suddenly are more chaotic than usual.In case you were wondering,I'm fine,don't worry...well,actually,at this moment I'd like some lemon ice cream and a neck & shoulder massage,but besides that,I'm okay.
But some people around here sure are quite nervous.A friend of mine in fact was very stressed with all the situation,so to cheer her up,I drew this quick illo for her —as many people here in the city,she's a big Kiss fan.Personally,I've always liked their visual concept but never could take their music seriously.Anyway,I wanted to do something special and so I choose depicting all the members of the group instead of only the original 4.It looks a bit rushed in my opinion,but my friend liked the image and made her feel better and that's the only important thing,I guess.
Tags: celebs

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